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Welcome toClue

Clue is a tool that creates super fast memory tests on screenshots of webpages, then lets you see the results. It's perfect for capturing that all important first-impression of a website.

  • Grab a screenshot.

    Type in the webpage address and click the "Start Memory Test" button. Tip: If your page can't be captured for some reason, you'll be given the option to upload an image instead.

  • Share Your Test.

    Copy the link to your test and drop it on Facebook, Twitter, your blog—or email it to your contacts for a really direct approach. Tip: Try one test with people who know you and your business, and one with complete strangers. It'll be really interesting to see how the results will differ!

  • Clue in to your results.

    Access your results link to see what people remember about your page. Tip: Knowing people's first impressions can really help you understand what people are walking away with when they leave your site.

  • Add the "+" and share

    Sharing a test's results is as easy as adding a "+" symbol to the end of your test URL. Tip: Share your test results with others and see if they agree with the final results.